706 Digital Battery Tester With Automatic Test

Our Price $89.41

Controlled by a microprocessor, simply activate the switch once, and #706 applies a precisely timed, 10-second load to the battery. The test results "OK," "WEAK," or "BAD" are then displayed along with the test voltage until the unit is disconnected. The #706 also tests charging voltage and relative starter current draw.


  • DIGITAL DISPLAY- Bright LEDs indicate the voltage and test results ("OK", "WEAK", or "BAD")
  • AUTOMATIC TEST- the load is turned off by internal relay automatically after 10 seconds. Audible beep notifies you when test is complete
  • Unit indicates "CHG" if the pre-test state of charge is not sufficient for proper battery testing
  • Internal 100 Amp loading capacity
  • 2-Year Warranty (unique design = longer warranty)