697 DCAC Current Probe - 400 Amp

Our Price $146.74

Use this instrument to test starting and charging systems. It can even be used to test relative compression when used with your lab scope or graphing meter. The unit is designed for use with digital multimeters, lab scopes, or graphing meters


  1. Measures 0 to 400 Amps DC or AC
  2. Use with digital multimeters, scopes, and graphing meters
  3. Great tool for testing starting & Charging systems
  4. Jaw opening is 1.25 inches
  5. Auto Power-Off & Low battery indication
  6. One touch DC zero adjust
  7. Storage case included

Test Ranges:

  • DC Amps: 0-40A 9resolution .01A) & 0-400A (resolution .1A)
  • AC Amps: 0-40A (resolution .01A) & 0-400A (resolution .1A)