325 EZ-Tach Digital Automotive Tachometer

Our Price $74.81

The EZ-Tach makes RPM measurements quick and easy. This is a very useful tool for a tune-up and other diagnostic work where accurate RPM readings are required. Just clamp over any spark plug wire and get accurate RPM on conventional or DIS ignition systems. The unit also features a data hold function. The large 2000-count LCD display shows: RPM, function, data hold indication, and low battery indication.

The EZ-Tach is powered by one 9-volt battery. Battery and instructions are included.


  • No wires, no cables, or fragile antennas!
  • Conventional and DIS ignition system capability
  • Measures up to 12,000 RPM on conventional ignitions and up to 6,000 RPM on DIS ignition systems
  • Data hold and low battery indication
  • Just clamp over any spark plug wire!
  • EZ-Tach gives accurate RPM readings quick and easy

Test Ranges:

  • RPM4 (conventional) 0-2000 & 0-12,000 (x10RPM)
  • RPM/DIS (DIS ignition) 0-3200 & 0-6,000 (x10RPM)