425 Digital Battery & Electrical System Tester

Our Price $119.50


  • Test a wide range of 12 Volt batteries, quickly and accurately...AGM included.
  • Results display the actual CCA capacity of the tested battery.
  • Also test the starting/charging system for low cranking voltage and faulty charging voltages.

LED's indicate the following:

  1. OK
  2. OK & Recharge
  3. Recharge & Retest
  4. Bad Fail
  5. Bad Cell -Patented test process removes the surface charge prior to battery test, resulting in more accurate results.


  • CCA Test Range: 200 to 1200 CCA
  • State of Health: Actual Battery CCA Displayed
  • Rating Systems: SAE, DIN, IEC, EN, and CA
  • Tests Discharged: Down to 7 Volts
  • Batteries Tested: Lead Acid, AGM Spiral, AGM Flat, and GEL