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  1. Quick off-the-car relay tester
  2. Checks the relay coil and switch contacts
  3. Fails bad relays
  4. Automatic test with Good/Bad indication

Relay Buddy is a quick go/no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. It provides you with an indication of the general health and functioning of the relay switch contacts and coils. Relay Buddy will check the control side of the relay by applying a signal to the relay coil while it checks for the proper functioning of the relay contacts. Relay Buddy operates the relay several times during each test session as it watches for consistency in every cycle. Relay Buddy will fail the relay and light the RED LED if any one of the cycles proves unsuccessful during the test session.


  • Settable to 4 and 5-pin relay
  • Switch contacts are loaded to detect excessive resistance
  • Uses vehicle 12V battery for power
  • Green Light if the relay is good - RED Light if the relay is bad