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Three Tester In One!!

Great new tool with 3 interchangeable test functions.

  1. 30 Amp Mini - Circuit Amperage Testing
  2. 30 Amp ATC - Circuit Amperage Testing
  3. 30 Amp All Purpose Amperage Testing

The new Fuse Buddy Pro Kit can read amperage draws on both ATC and MINI fused circuits up to 30 Amps.

As an added bonus, the Fuse Buddy Pro can be used as an all-purpose amp meter with the included 30A test clips.

  • Quick and Easy way to check circuit amperage draws
  • Check blower motor and fuel pump amperage draws
  • Installing an auto-resetting circuit breaker allows you to check for intermittent shorts and monitor the current draws at the same time
  • Also handy for checking current readings on A/C compressors that are not easily accessible
  • Deluxe LCD display features full ANALOG BAR GRAPH
  • Unit features DATA HOLD and AUTO POWER-OFF
  • Resolution: .1A (100mA) - Accuracy: +2% of reading
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 30 Amps / 48 Volts