146 54 Piece Automotive Test Connector Kit

Our Price $193.15

This comprehensive test kit features a variety of terminal adapter sets which enable connection to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic. Terminal adapters connect via the included 48-inch stacking banana plug test leads. Connection to most DMM's and scopes is no problem. Kit is designed to provide wide testing coverage and quicken the test process.


  • 2.7mm Female Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 3.0 Female Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 3.2mm Female Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 7.7mm Female Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 3.55mm Female round Terminal (4pcs)
  • 2.2mm Male Round Terminal (4pcs)
  • 3.55mm Round Terminal  (4pcs)
  • 1.0mm Male Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 1.5mm Male Flat Terminal  (4pcs)
  • 1.8mm Male Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 2.2mm Male Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 2.8mm Male Flat Terminal  (4pcs)
  • 4.8mm Male Flat Terminal (4pcs)
  • 48" Stacking Banana Plug Leads (2pcs)

Includes Storage Case