485 Self Calibrating True RMS Digital Multimeter

Our Price $139.13

This self-calibrating DMM leverages new technology through the use of high stability, low-temperature coefficients resistors in the resistors network. Once the self-calibration function is turned on, the multimeter will automatically compare the standard resistor with other resistors in the resistors network, and measure, and store the actual and accurate values. The accuracy can endure for extended periods in a wide range of temperature environments. A self-calibration multimeter is undoubtedly a more accurate, more reliable measurement tool. The user simply presses the button to CALIBRATE when they feel it is necessary.

  • Full function True RMS DMM designed for the professional technician
  • Patented Self Calibration Function
  • Online Training- 10 Videos covering each major function with testing tips. See Youtube videos below.
  • Measures: Volts, Ohms, Amps, Frequency, Capacitance, Duty, Cycle, Diodes, Continuity, and Temperature
  • TRUE RMS Accuracy
  • 6,000 Count Backlit LCD Display
  • MIN/MAX Function
  • CATIII 600 Volts Safety Rating
  • Built-in Temperature - F & C
  • Auto and Manual Ranging
  • Relative Zero Function
  • 40" Test Leads, Temp Probe, and Zippered Carrying Case Included
  • PC Interface (Cable Optional)

Includes Training By Dan Sullivan!

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