329 Small Engine Tach/Hour Meter

Our Price $45.83


  • MULTI-FUNCTION INSTRUMENT with high-vis green backlit LCD display
  • IP68 Dust and Water Proof
  • Can be permanently mounted on a vehicle (includes velcro 2-sided tape) or used for engine service

RPM Settings

  • RPM in real time  Stable RPM readings on small engines
    • You choose the display update rate- twice per second or once per second. When the engine starts, RPMs are immediately displayed.
    • RPM Range: 0-20,000 RPM
  • Max RPM  Viewable and resettable
    • You can record the engine's Max RPM over time.
    • Max RPM can be viewed or reset at any time after the engine is shut down.

Hour Meter and Engine/Job Timer

  • Total: This function records the accumulated total engine hours, up to 99,999 hours.
  • Job: Viewable and resettable hour meter for recording partial engine time or work-related job time.
  • SVC: Hour Meter for maintenance reminders and required engine servicing. This can be set for service intervals of up to 200 hours. The default maintenance time is 20 hours.
  • When the set engine hours reach the service interval, "SVC" is flashed on the display.


  • RPM: 0-20,000
  • RPM Refresh Rate: 0.5S or 1S
  • Hours: 0-99,999 hours
  • Job Hours: 0-99,999 hours
  • SVC Hours: 0-200 hours
  • Hour Meter Resolution: .1H or 6 Minutes
  • Battery: CR2032 coin type (replaceable)

Engine RPM Settings:

  • 2 stroke/1 cyl 4 stroke/3 cyl
  • 2 stroke/2 cyl 4 stroke/5 cyl
  • 2 stroke/3 cyl 4 stroke/6 cyl
  • 4 stroke/1 cyl 4 stroke/8 cyl
  • 4 stroke/2 cyl 4 stroke/12 cyl
  • 4 stroke/4 cyl