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Electronic Specialties

Electronic Specialties

For Automotive, Marine, Small Engine, HVAC & Industrial Technicians

Electronic Specialties

Welcome to Electronic Specialties, Inc.

We design, engineer and manufacture high quality test instruments for the automotive, small engine and industrial fields. Our innovative and time saving products have won many industry awards and patents. Please check out the new products link for those items introduced within the last 9 months. Electronic Specialties Inc. has specialized in the engine testing field since 1967.

  • Some of our products include:
  • HYBRID safe CATIII 1000 Volt safety rated
    Automotive DMM's - 597, 597IR, 595 and TMX-589
  • Industry leading Automotive Digital Multimeters
  • Low Amp Probes designed for battery drain testing - 687
  • Small engine and Automotive Tachometers
  • Battery Testers - Digital and Load Testers
  • Timing Lights - Several types
  • Fuse Buddy Testers - 301m, 302m, 303b, 304b, 305m, 306b, 310 and 315
  • Mag Lead Test Lead System
  • OBDII Code Readers and Scanners

Sample of TMX-589 DVD video covering Diode Testing

2009 Industry Tool Awards

315 Max Fuse Buddy

687 Low Current Probe/DMM

315 Max Fuse Buddy

310 Fuse Buddy Pro Test Kit
2010 Industry Tool Awards

687 Low Current Probe/DMM
2011 Industry Tool Awards

180 Load Pro

190 Relay Buddy
2012 Industry Tool Awards

Audible Trouble Shooter

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